Why you need the services of a Licensing Specialist

As of today, Microsoft offers several hundred products and services, as well as dozens of licensing programs (Terms) under which these products and services can be purchased.

That means, if you decide to figure it all out by yourself, you would need to study all the nuances of the licensing conditions set out in more than a thousand pages of Microsoft licensing instructions.

We estimate that this would take from four up to six months.


1. Assessment

Our experts will conduct a competent assessment of your current needs and plans for your business development. Among our assessment tools are questionnaires, personal interviews, as well as group workshops – a special separate service for training the Customer’s focus group on the capabilities of the services they’re interested in. As it is precisely by understanding the functionality of the business, we can most correctly select the set of Microsoft 365 / Azure licenses necessary for each company.

This way we will collect enough information to move on to the next stage – analysis.

2. Analyzing

We determine the list of Microsoft products that are useful to the Сlient, as well as the best possible licensing packages and programs through which these packages can be purchased.

If during our analysis of a Customer’s needs, we identify ones that are not covered by Microsoft’s capabilities, we would suggest the use of sparlesoft Developed products or our partners’ product line.

Next, we segment the Client’s employees based on their role in the company and their needs for Microsoft software. We use our Microsoft 365 / Azure Certified Consultants in this process.

Then, depending on the company’s development plans, we determine the terms of payment (monthly, annual, three-year). And move on to the last step: the result.

3. Result

We provide the offer and hold its examination before the Client: we give a detailed explanation of why we have chosen such a licenses package under such a licensing program. And why exactly they will allow you to cover your current and future needs at a minimal cost.

And, in case of using sparlesoft licensing specialist’s services, it would take you from one to up to two weeks.